Donations have been made to Vanguard Landing to honor and remember friends and loved ones. These tributes and memorials are considered a very special gift to Vanguard Landing. Listed below are the names of those individuals who have been honored or remembered with a gift received in 2013 or 2014.

In Honor Of:
Jennifer Clement
Lindsey Dear
Dr. Sue & Grover Dear Memorial Fund
Ron Jackson
Evelyn Kiebort
Kimberly Kiebort
Bill Lawson Family
James Ward

In Memory Of:
Jack Barrett
Bea Cox
John R. DeBarr
Aulikki Erolla
Freda Hannah
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hesch
Helen Hulak
George Wayne Irby
Joshua Stephen Leitner
Mildred E. Marmura
Larry Mayes
Michael Mercatoris
Neal Nelson
Alexis Reass
Rachael Sancilio
Emily Sturrock