We are proud to introduce the miracle of Vanguard Landing and to present our Packet of Admissions! Vanguard Landing is an exciting new option as a planned community in Virginia Beach, VA between the bustling community of RedMill on the way to Pungo for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Vanguard Landing was created to fulfill a huge need for opportunities to support the physical, emotional, social, vocational and residential needs and goals of our exceptional fellow citizens.

There are several steps to our Admissions Process and we want you to let us know if you have any questions at any time. Please contact:

Laure Haddock, Admissions Director at  or Debra B. Dear, Founder & Executive Director at

1. Request the Packet of Admissions &  Financial Fact Finder:  To Request an admissions packet, please click here and fill out the request form.  

When the application is complete, sign where needed, and include the documents on the checklist prior to packaging and sending to Vanguard Landing.

The Admissions Packet and  Financial Fact Finder must be completed with as thorough answers as possible  to all questions. In addition to the completed Packet, we need copies of all requested attachments per the Admissions Checklist.

2. Once everything has been completed and gathered, please put the items together in the following order:

  • Check payable to Vanguard Landing for the program to which you are applying: $500.00 (Day Program) or $1,000.00 (Residential Program)
  • Check payable to Vanguard Landing for $350.00 for Financial Assessment fee.
  • Picture of potential participant
  • Completed Checklist
  • Completed Packet of Admissions
  • Completed Financial Fact Finder
  • All Supporting Documents

3. Place in a large envelope without folds and mail to:

Vanguard Landing, Inc.
Attn: Admissions
2133 Upton Drive
Suite 125 Box 272
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

If the Admissions committee has any additional questions, they will contact you. The Admissions committee conducts a thorough review and study of the information provided, determines the placement availability and suitability of each applicant and will notify you of the next step in the process. The Admissions committee will work to make sure that Vanguard Landing can meet the candidate’s needs and goals.

The Financial Assessment team determines the readiness to afford the tuition or if further assistance is needed to help. You may choose to secure the services of one of our partners to help you or someone else that you already work with.

The next step involves an interview/personal meeting with some of the Admissions committee, which includes the Executive Director, to talk about long­term goals and family plans.

If it is determined that the initial Packet of Admissions is approved and acceptance is forthcoming, then we will contact you to proceed.

Vanguard Landing utilizes our own Abilities Assessment Scales paired with potential candidate and family participation to create each person-­centered plan called the VIP. VIP stands for Vanguard Individualized Plan for each Very Important Person.