Welcome to Vanguard Landing

Our Mission is to offer a safe, intentional, interactive and inclusive community where persons with intellectual and developmental differences can thrive and achieve their life’s full potential. We are a person-centered community where the strengths, gifts and capabilities of our citizens are embraced, nurtured and celebrated.

Vanguard Landing is an exciting new planned and intentional community for adults with special needs. We are proud to bring to life a progressive and forward thinking option to compliment other current choices for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability and to help facilitate their choices in how they receive those supports. Vanguard Landing will help to alleviate the severe shortage of employment and residential opportunities for this population. Vanguard Landing is a proud member of the Coalition for Community Choice, an organization of nearly 120 intentional communities of different sizes around the country. We believe that our friends and family members that may need a little support to live as independently as possible, have the right to choose where they live and work. We offer an inclusive and neuro-diverse program of opportunities.