The Vanguard Landing Intentional Community will be an asset for the Commonwealth of Virginia in meeting the requirements of the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement

In February 2011, DOJ submitted a findings letter to Virginia, concluding that the Commonwealth fails to provide services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs.

Vanguard Landing is bringing a NEW and innovative CHOICE for those who want an Intentional Community!

The Olmstead decision requires that individuals be served in the most integrated settings appropriate to meet their needs CONSISTENT WITH THEIR CHOICE.

Our Goal 4,000 Donors
49 $12,250 raised


A Safe, Intentional, Interactive and Inclusive Community

Our One In A Million Members

Cathy Golden
Barbara Bissell
James Bowie
Cynthia Casteen
Sara Chandler
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Sandra Fuller
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Melissa Venable
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Curtis Zimmerman

Welcome to Vanguard Landing

The Mission of Vanguard Landing is to offer a safe, intentional, interactive, and inclusive community where persons with intellectual and developmental differences can thrive and achieve their life’s full potential.

We are a Neuro-diverse and individual-centered Intentional Community where the strengths, gifts, and capabilities of ALL of our citizens are embraced, nurtured, and celebrated. We believe that our friends and family members that may need a little support to live as independently as possible, have the right to choose where they live and work.

Vanguard Landing is an exciting new planned and intentional community that is designed around the support needs of those with disabilities and living next to those without disabilities! 

We are proud to bring to life a progressive and forward-thinking option to complement other current choices for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability and to help facilitate their choices in how they receive those supports.

Vanguard Landing has both cottage-style apartments and one-bedroom, one-story townhomes and there are plans in the works for more residential offerings as well!

Vanguard Landing is a true and diverse community where person with and without disabilities will enjoy a beautiful and well-designed neighborhood!

Vanguard Landing will help to alleviate the severe shortage of employment and residential opportunities for this population. 

Vanguard Landing is a proud member of the Together for Choice and Coalition for Community Choice national advocacy organizations.

In addition to our residences, we will have numerous amenities in our neighborhood and even some business enterprises to support our Mission! 

A TRUE Community – A New Choice!

Upcoming Events

From Dream to Reality

End of Year Fund

One In A Million Campaign


Disabilities Awareness Month

Entire Month of October

Hearts & Hoofbeats 2023

December 9, 2023
6 pm – 10 pm

Ways to Help

Please take advantage of the exceptional opportunity to make an extraordinary difference today with your tax-exempt gift by making a Pledge, Donation, In-Kind gifts, or by becoming a Guardian Angel! All contributions regardless of size matter to us!


We are now accepting Admissions Packets to apply for one of our highly anticipated spaces. We will only have 185 Full Residential & 50 Day Program spots. We have over 320 Requests for Admissions Applications – therefore it is very important to apply now!


Vanteers is our name for those who volunteer with Vanguard Landing. This volunteer corps works to help coordinate fundraising events, assist with administrative and logistical efforts, and generally jump in to lend a hand when needed.