The next Give Local 757 is May 14, 2019: Save the Date!

Our Online Spring Fundraiser was, again, SO much fun! We were so touched to see so many supporters across Virginia and the Country choose Vanguard Landing as their donation recipient for Give Local 757 2018!

In 24 hours, we raised just under $3,500 and raised LOTS of awareness! EVERY donation brings us even closer to creating a special place where adults with intellectual disabilities can thrive, lead fulfilling lives and engage in enriching social and professional activities.

Thank you to everyone who donated to us in 2018 – and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces at all of the events in the coming year!

Donor Salute

Our success during the Give Local 757 2018 event would not have been possible without our donors and supporters. Thank you so much to those who rallied together during the fundraising event to raise awareness, donate, and celebrate Vanguard Landing!

NameIn Honor/Memoriam
Debra Dear
Jane Krom
Jodi Newlandin honor of Medorah Moore
Kim Hackforthin honor of all the amazing adults at Vanguard landing
Mary Harmon
Elizabeth Heischoberin honor of all of my students with intellectual disabilities!
Susan Freeman
Michelle Strickland
Dana Lamade
Judy Germanin honor of Lindsey Dear
Debbie Nolanin honor of Kenneth B. Nolan
Melinda Hughes
Chelsea Jennings
Kathleen DeVogein honor of Noah Buss
Kristine DeVogein honor of Noah Buss
Linda Driscollin honor of Robert Bryant
Dianna Swensonin honor of Sound Waves
Suzanne McKechniein honor of Lindsey Dear
Wendy Napolitano
Jacqueline Richard
Michele Derwentin honor of Caleb “Sponge Bob”
Christopher Jenningsin honor of Our Inspirational Lindsey Dear
Jo Ann Danielin honor of Roman Harshaw
Robyn Marshall
Josephine Rosengrant
Vernon Danielin honor of Roman Harshaw
Laure Haddock
Robert Miller
Tom Kyewski
Nathalie Mossin honor of Chad Jackson
Whitney Dear Reyesin honor of Lindsey Dear
Cynthia Dearin honor of Lindsey Dear
Sandra Donnelly
Douglas Dearin honor of Lindsey Dear
Tracey Sandersin honor of Romeo
Lori Bridges
Nikki Moriartyin honor of Melissa
Stephanie Boone
Julie Harshawin honor of Roman Harshaw
Diana Hicks
Sarah Cossell
Deirdre McCabe
Fred Manfredoniain honor of Ferdinand Manfredonia
Eileen Freitag
Ashton Dearin honor of Lindsey Dear
Justin Huffmanin honor of Lindsey Dear
Jennifer Clementin honor of John DeBarr
Elizabeth Marcumin honor of Samantha
Dorathy Pingelin honor of Terry Stevens
Antonia Christiansonin honor of Noah Christianson
Margaret Bond
Angie Schwartzin honor of Leah
Terry Stevens
Nisa Cochran
Ronald Keimin honor of Lindsey Dear
Jordan Dear
Tom and Marie Bond
Caroline Esposito
Sheryl Zdebski
Janice Hart
Anonymousin honor of June Gunther
Anonymousin honor of God’s Children