Thanks to our nearly 480 Donors

Vanguard Landing has raised over $51,000 with messages that more is coming via checks!!!

2020 is certainly proving to be the best year yet for Vanguard Landing!

Our hearts are humbled and filled with gratitude for the enormous outpouring of support from you during our Give Local 757 Event that was held on May 12th!

We are ecstatic that THANKS to our generous donors, we were the TOP Fundraising Non-Profit with a current total of $51,011!

These gifts are so appreciated as a sign of love and support for the most amazing individuals who will enjoy all the wonderful opportunities we will be offering in Our Intentional Community!

We hope you will continue on this journey with us as we head towards Groundbreaking, Construction, Ribbon-cutting and Moving In!

Please consider becoming a Guardian Angel Monthly/Quarterly Donor too! This is a very important revenue stream for us and so easy to sign up here on our website, by clicking on one of the GIVE buttons and choose recurring!

Debra Bond Dear
Founder/Executive Director

Whitney Dear Reyes
Chairman, Board of Directors/Give Local

Thanks to all of our donors…


Mary K Grencewicz


Pam Bolt, I’m proud to give to Vanguard Landing because it’s time to make my sons’ dreams of independent living a reality.
JB and Jean Bond
Doug Brown
David Cooper, I am very proud of my son Joshua Cooper! God will always watch over you!! You are such a special young man and I am blessed to be your father.
Grover Dear
Andy Dischmann
Judy German, Im proud of your hard work and perseverance!
Kyle Giesting
Linda Haase
Ken Jolley
Ronald Keim
Fred and Sharyn Manfredonia
John Plemmons
Josie Rosengrant
Terry Stevens
Charles Zdebski
Vinnie and Gary Gordon
Maureen Gorman
Stan & Claudia Kavan
Carolyn Murphy
Vickie Pulley
Jessica and Jim Bedois, PACE Collaborative
David Bond
Genine Cooper
Georgia De Barr
Debra Dear
Jana and Matt Elkins, We love Vanguard Landing!!! “First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And Finally, dare.” -Walt Disney
Ron Jackson
Kara Moran
Debbie Nolan, Kenneth B. Nolan Memorial Fund
Stephen Salamonsky


Wayne Aiello
Serena Amerson
Shiela Anacta
Matt Andrews
Olga Antle
Hugh & Carol Archer
Becky Arehart
Brigid Banasiewicz
Bobby Beasley
Chris Bennett
Susan Bomberg
Marie Bond
Margaret Bond
Hannah Booth
Michael Borasky
Jaime Borland
Dee and Brandon Bowyer
Lori Bridges
Linda Briley
Dave + MaryBeth Burgmeier
Heidi Burke
Karen Caddell, In Honor of Georgia DeBarr
Sharon Callahan
Mary Lou Camarda
Cynthia Carswell
Marie Clay
Audray Clement
Jennifer Clement, Thank you for all you do!
Brigette Clifford
John Coates Jr
Rod and Jen Coleman
Emily Cooper
Genine Cooper, This gift in memory of our sweet Jessica Rosengrant
Virginia Cope
Erin Copp
Megan Cooper
Sarah Cossell
Margaret Covert
Richard Crouse
Windy Crutchfield
Stacey Cummings
Sarah and Trevor Davenport
Ashton Dear
Cynthia Dear, We love Vanguard Landing!
Douglas Dear
Jordan Dear
Whitney Dear-Reyes
Jay DeLancy
Wendy DeTorres
Kathleen DeVoge
Scott DeVost, I love¸ love¸ love, this fundraiser and everyone involved
Mary Dillon
Peggy Doty
Doug and Suz Drgon
Margaret Dutton
Cathy and Jeff Dziki
Frank Falvey
Adam Fazackerley
Bunny Felstow
Rhonda Forrest
David Foster
Christie Fox
Dwight Francisco
Sonya Froman
Kathleen Fuqua
Tracey Garbers
Alma Garcia
James Garland
Millie Greeves
Lauren Grzymalski, Joshua Cooper
Calvin Gunning
Joseph Haddock
Barbi Hann
Shannon Hanson
Herman Harmon
Kay Harrell
K Harrington-McBride
Julie Harshaw
Daniel Harthausen
Todd Hassler
Charles Heintz
Charles Heintz
Whitney Henry
Carla Hesseltine
Diana Hicks
Jasmine and Sean Hindman
Dottie Holtz
Justin Huffman
Cristy and George Huffman
Alvin Hyman
Julie Jackson
Steve & Danielle Jenkins
Chris Jennings
Chelsea Jennings
Traci Johns
Hough Johnson
Sandy Johnson
Mark & Dionne Johnston
Sharon Keefe
Katie Kelly
Tom Kemler
Thomas Kennedy
Joy Khau
Kim Knapp
Jeanette Kotheimer
Don Krieghauser
Karen Kuwana
Emily and Tom Kyewski
Dana Lamade
Seth Lamade
Donna Lewis
Scott & Denise Liebel
Mary Long
Ed and Vickie Longosz
James Ludes
Terrie Lynch
Ann Malloy
Roberto Marcangelo
Lisa Marshall
Naseem & Curtis Matteson
Jackie McCormack
Patrick McDonough
Winter McMahan
Bernadette Miller
Sheila Miller
Jennifer Minter
Suzanne Mirisola
Caresse Mitchell
Jeff Moran
Nikki and Bryan Moriarty-Garner
Nathalie Moss, Let’s do this
Bree Mueller
Wendy Napolitano
Amalia Natalio
Jodi Newland
Paul Newton
Kayla Newton
Bonnie Nicholson
Sharon Nickerson
Debbie Nolan
Ed Noonan
Jan Olds
Cheryl and Scott Orr
Kevin Paasch
Karen Peters
Hien Pham
Jennefer Powers, Caroline McDonough
Tim Powers
Kelly Quinn
Kennedy Ramos
Taunia Reed
Robert Remick
Ed Remster
Karen and Chuck Ridle
Joy Rios
Corey Rodriguez
Susan Rose
Kelly Rose
Tatjana Roth
Donna Sansone
Joel and Kim Scata
David and Carol Scata
John Scata
Susan Scheible
Amy Schools
Liz Schroeder
Eric and Christy Schwalb
Angie Schwartz
Angie Schwartz
Barbara Smith
Jodi Smitter
Shaun Squyres
Matt Stevens
Blaine Stewart
Landon Strawhand
Genelda Sulouff
Connie and Rod Tanedo
Steve Thayer
Mike and Evelyn Thayer
Vikki Thompson
Tracie & Rob Thorndike
Sarah and Eddie Traywick
Caroline Tringali
Lisa Turner
Alice Twining
Ed Tyng
Zachary Vaughan
Erin Videll
Kent Von Fecht
Shelly Welsch
Kevin and Lynn Welsh
Don West
Patricia Whitt
Georgiana Williams, in honor of my sweet grandson Joshua
Kerri Williams
Michelle Wise
Joshua Withers
Suffolk Sales
Suffolk Solutions Inc
Suffolk Chemical Company
Anonymous , This ones for Mary, rock on dude!
Michael Stolpinski


Krystle Arain
Shamila Banwaree
Tammy Barry
Pat and Amy Barton
Katherine Baksa
Matthew Beasley
Jennifer Becker
Jessica Bedenbaugh
Alyssa Beyrodt
Paula Blomster
Samantha Boyd
Brittney Brathwaite
Casey Brewer
Josh Bridges
Morgan Brinkley
Aimee Brinn
Misty Brownell
Ailey Buckley
Michelle Burkett
Scottie Burns
Mary Cales
Donna Callaway
Rae & Kane Castelletto
Robert Chianelli
Missy Christianson
James Christianson
Karen Christmas
Jacqueline Cioffa
Carmen Clipper
Annmarie Cochran
Susan Cottrell
GENINE COOPER, So thankful for our sweet, enthusiastic, loving friend. Mary, you are such an amazing advocate!!
GENINE COOPER, In honor of Brendan! Can’t wait for Vanguard Landing!
Josh Cooper
Colleen Copp
Tyler and Ethan Cornelio
LeAnn Cornell-Burdick
Joshua Crabtree
Jill Crist
Chris Dao
Shawn Darman
Sarah Daugherty
Taylor Delnicki
Taylor Delnicki
Aimee Demers
Linda DePino
Michele Derwent
Malia Diaz
Aubrey Drescher
Richard Drescher Jr.
Marcel Dubois
Barrie Ehrmentraut
Christine Erie
Timothy Feighery
Louis Fernandez
Deborah Fischi
Sandy Flaus
Erin Footland
Carla Foster
Irene Fox, Caleb Bridges
Lindsey Fredner
Marissa Furman
Kim Garcia
Karen Garrison
Anne Gassett
Rachel Glazer
Kelsey Glazer
Joan Gonsoulin
Adam & Victoria Gray
Carmen Grelles
Kim Hackforth
Laure Haddock
Wayne Haddock
Ryan Hadley
Trisha and Tom Hall
Hannah Hall
Ad & Danielle Hall
Shannon Halter
Terry Harrak
William Harrell
Janice Hart
Daniel Harthausen
Maurice Hawkins
Angela Hayes
Holly Hazard
Douglas Heiney
Alexandra Heu
Brittany Hillard
Dustin Hinrichsen
Terri Hitchcock
Aaron Holzhauer
Melissa Hooker, Colorado!
Melissa Horton
Kimberly Hughes
Angeli Ingle
Jenny Jacob
Alex Johnson
Angela & Mike Jones
Alexandria Jones
Shauna Kale
Tamara Kamarek
Kim Kellam
Jen Kiggans
Jessica Kith
Cathy Klepper
Jerry Koedyker
Luke Kohart
LeeAnn and David Kohl
Kylee & Bryce Kohl
Jane Krom
Elisabeth Lamas
Drew Lankford
Sam Lawson
Katherine Lehman
Hannelore Lewis
Krista Lewis
Amanda Lloyd
Tasha Lomax
Leslie Maniglia
Jo-Marie Maniwang
Liesel Martin
Michelle Martinez
Jess Mcdonald
Madonna McGovern
Blair McGowan
Matthew McGrath
Mary McKenney
Diane McKeon
Gene and Beverly McNeal
Lacy Melville
Jenny Meneses
Shawn Michaels , ADP will be matching my donation as well!
Lauren Mike
Casey Miller
Reilly Miller
Emily Miller
Tess Mitchell
Jon and Brittany Mitchell
Ghassan Mohsin
Lisa Molinari
Jennifer Moon
Stacy Moran
Pamela Mudway
Marcella Murphy
Amanda Myrick
Heather Neil
David Nelson
Katherine Newcomb
Jenny Oliver
David Patalita
Karl Peters
Lianna Pevar
Madeline Phillips
Roy Pilkington
Mikayla Plansker
Michelle Prendergast
Caitlyn Primavera
Jessica Quearry
Louis Ragland
Ashley Rasco
Brenda Reid
Ashley Reinagel
Soquel Rey
Janet Reyes
Jonathan Reyes
Juliet Rickman
David Ritt
Jen Rohr
Michaela Rossi
Justin Roth
Jennifer Roy
Ashley Sawyer
Joel Scata
Jared Scata
Karen Scata
Morgan Scheible
Willard Seedman
John Seiver
Diane Sessoms
Maura Shannon
Jessica Shelkey, In honor of my daughter Lindsey brown.. one day she will be able to enjoy such a wonderful place !
Julie Smith
Carla Smith
Ronald Smith Jr
Richard Sofield
Indira Sookdeo
Barbara Spreder
William Sroufe
Megan Stackhouse
Camron Staples
Emily Steele
James Stevens
Alisa Stevens
Judy and Mark Stevens
Jessica Swejkoski
Mohyi Syed
Hayley Tabora
Arthur Talley
Nathan Taylor
Bryan Teabout
Samuel Tejchma
Joshua Thomas
Jay Tischler, Chad Jackson
Deena Townley
Tom Tran
Andrea Uhler
Nicole Upshur
Jela Valencia
Debra Vaughan
Samantha Velez
Alyssa Vernon
Elissa Waldman-Sison
Ashley Walker
Ally Walsh
Shayla Ware
Mikaela and Colton Watkins
Annabelle Wax
Gail Whalen
Inge White
Jessica White
Linda Wildermuth
Jessie Wilkens
Kate Wilkinson
Danielle Williams
Wren Williams
Brittany Williams
Katherine and Ryan Williams
Amy Wise
Beth Wright
Denise Yarn
Alicia Yates
Travis and Emily Young
Valeriya Yukhimova
Karley Zdebski
Katie Zerkle
Sara Zetterberg
John Zwahl
Chris Zyra