We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening in the next few months, and hope you’ll join us!

Over The Edge
We’re getting closer to this adrenaline-fueled fundraiser. You’ll go OVER the TOP of the beautiful Holiday Inn Oceanside on the Boardwalk of Virginia Beach!

Here’s the thing though- EVERYTHING is better when we come together as a team! So, how do you make that happen?

Your company or friend group signs up as a team and raises the money Together to send your boss or a chosen co-worker OVER The EDGE! We will come and present to your office to get you started if you want!!!

Here are some ways:

• Toss Your Boss– all employees collect funds to send them as a rapeller!

• Sign up as your company’s name and everyone pitch in $ and have a drawing for who gets to represent at the event as a rapeller! We will offer you the chance to send two for a discount of $300!!! Instead of $1200 each……you can send 2 employees for $2100 instead of $2400!!!

• Push Your Principal!!– school signs your Principal up and all work together to raise the $1200 ! Schools can compete for who can raise the most to Push Their Principal!

•Soar for the Scouts– Den leader participates and their scouts raise the funds!

The ideas are endless!!!!

This is a WIN WIN as YOUR company, business, civic group, etc gets advertising while helping in YOUR community!! Click here to sign up!

Also, we’d also like to say a big thank you to our sponsors who have so generously donated.

“Roped In” Level Sponsors: Stanton Partners and Holiday Inn Oceanside
“Safe Landing” Level Sponsors: Pace Collaborative, Towne Bank
“High Five” Level Sponsors: Veterans United Home Loans, Alperin Law
“Just Hanging Around” Level Sponsors: Covington Hendrix Anderson Architects, Nationwide Insurance, The Miller Group, Entercom

Give Local 757
You’ll hear more about this amazing event next month, but here’s the breakdown. Give Local 757 is an event geared toward raising funds AND raising awareness about amazing organizations all over Hampton Roads. For 24 hours beginning at midnight on May 9, people will be donating, and we hope you’ll support Vanguard Landing on this incredible day!

Last year we exceeded our goal of $10,000 with a total of $17,809. YOU did that, and we are so grateful.