On July 26, 2015 we honor the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Everyone knows someone who has benefitted from the ADA. It changed the lives of millions of
Americans by protecting their right to fully participate in their communities.

As Americans, we take for granted the right to choose where we want to live, determine what we
consider a home, pick who our friends will be, and participate in community on our own terms.
This has not been true for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Fifty years
ago, supports services could not be accessed easily in communities and institutionalization was
the most likely option.

Today, individuals with I/DD have a wide range of options for community living and working, but
four years from now this may not be true. Recent changes in federal and state regulations may
have the unintended consequences of restricting access to support services in an individual’s
preferred home, workplace and community.

Vanguard Landing, is working on solutions in Virginia as a member of the Coalition for Community Choice (www.coalitionforcommunitychoice.org), a national collaboration of organizations and businesses who want to increase options and decrease barriers to housing and employment choices.

We call upon all stakeholders in Virginia to continue to put the rights of individuals with I/DD first in the next 25 years of the ADA.