Chad Schultz is a 26 year old young man with Down Syndrome who absolutely loves acting and singing and recently his dream came true when he was chosen to be Mr. Mayor in the Broadway production of Seussical performed with Arts Inclusion Company! Chad works at Hardee’s 2 mornings a week and volunteers at Food Bank on Wednesdays. Chad plays Special Olympics basketball and is learning to play tennis. In spite of many medical challenges throughout Chad’s life, he is a very healthy young adult who has a hearty laugh and is very concerned for other people.

Chad talks about Vanguard Landing everyday, wears his VGL wrist band with pride, and when asked what about Vanguard Landing excites you, Chad said: “I am SO EXCITED about having a house at VGL with my friends and watching it be built!! I will have people to play basketball with and act and sing with and ride horses and work with other people I know! I am excited to meet new people and I am glad there will be girls there! I like to support Vanguard Landing because it is my dream and what God has planned for me in my heart.”