The month of February is a great time to talk about the heart of giving, and why we do what we do. It’s also a great time to

sayTHANK YOU to our generous supporters. There are many ways to give of your heart to our organization, and we appreciate it!

Each one of us has a reason for pouring our love into this community AND this dream, but sometimes it helps to hear the words that have been sent our way.

“My heart belongs to Vanguard Landing because my daughter’s future is in this inclusive community of her peers where her independent life can begin.”

“My heart belongs to Vanguard Landing because of the way my son’s eyes light up when he talks about the exciting things he will get to do there.”

“My heart belongs to Vanguard Landing because my son deserves a happy, fulfilling and safe future in a nurturing and loving environment.”

“My heart belongs to Vanguard Landing because I want to live in my own place but I need help daily to do that. I want to be with my friends every day.”

“My heart belongs to Vanguard Landing because it is my hope for a secure and happy future for my adult sons’ with special needs.”

“My heart belongs to Vanguard Landing because I believe that everyone has the right to live, work and play where they can achieve the best life they can without fear of being in danger or without limitations.”

If you’re looking for a way to be a part of everything going on around here, we have some ideas:

When Vanguard Landing posts something online that moves you, share it with your friends! We use Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about all we have going on, and a simple share can go a long way.

Subscribe to our newsletter (you can join at the top of our website homepage). This is another way to stay up-to-date on Vanguard Landing happenings.

Choose Vanguard Landing when shopping through the Amazon Smile portal, and a portion goes back to our community!

Sign Up to go OVER THE EDGE.
The next event you can take part in is Over The Edge 2017! This exciting event sends participants rappelling down the side of a building. NO BIG DEAL.

At Vanguard we want to invite everyone to become part of our story and our mission, and we appreciate every bit of support – whether in the form of donations or precious time. We thank all of our loyal supporters for your kindness and generosity in helping make the Vanguard Landing dream a reality.