As we move closer to our goal of creating accessible, beautiful homes and work opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, we are constantly looking for opportunities to serve our future participants in the here and now. We’ve seen that there is a demonstrated need in the area for transportation, and are so excited to say we’ve raised enough money for our first van! You’ve walked alongside us through a busy Spring season of fundraising, and because of you, we’ll be able to start helping future residents NOW through our transport service.

It was amazing to see how our community came together through the Over The Edge and Give Local Fundraisers, raising nearly $37,000! As we continue to raise support we hope others will also see the importance of Vanguard Landing and our impact on an underserved community. It will be life-changing for so many families, and will be successful as our community literally wraps its arms around the project, to see it developed!

There are many ways to continue supporting this amazing cause, but here are two easy things you can do:

Become a Guardian Angel
This is a program where an automatic, monthly donation of $25 or more to Vanguard Landing is established for a designated period of time. You set the start date, and the end date for this monthly donation! Click Here to fill out the form and become a blessing to VGL!

Van Pavers
Leave your mark with engraved brick for just $125, or a large brick for $250. These will be used to pave the walkways at Vanguard Landing. Bricks can be customized with words and a design. You can choose to honor a loved one, or simply show your support. Click Here to place your order now and support the Campaign to Fund Vanguard Landing!

As always, we appreciate your support and are so excited to see this community becoming a reality. Thank you for helping make our big dreams a reality!