On Saturday, November 22nd, we celebrated the multitude of blessings that Vanguard Landing has received this year at our sweet, little Farmhouse on the land that will soon be home to the whole campus! Our Presenting Sponsors, Laure & Wayne Haddock, initiated this event with their generous donation and Mrs. Brenda Day accepted the role of Lead Chairman to plan and coordinate it! Everyone enjoyed listening to our friends in THE MOST WANTED BAND, who donated their performance! The Fruitful Bean & Coffee Co. was our special featured guest and they donated ALL of the delicious coffee and hot chocolate drinks!!! Beach Bully & Dough Joes were partial sponsors and the bonfire kept us cozy! Thank you to Dennis Free, Michael Wade, and the Virginia Beach Sheriffs’ Department for the wonderful tent to shelter our band members. It was a very special afternoon gathered on our beautiful land!