Happy 2015 from Vanguard Landing!! This year is going to be an even more amazing year for VGL than 2014- and it was a fantastic year!!
We have been working diligently to get the entire campus designed and priced and NOW is the time for everyone to step up- as some of you already have- and get the dollars rolling in!!! We will soon begin the Full Campaign with all sorts of ways to give and pledge and claim naming opportunities but right now an easy way to start is to become a “Guardian Angel”!!!! This link is on our website. It is simply a regular monthly pledge made and sent to us for any amount from $25.00 and up that you mail in! You will receive confirmation of your pledge and a welcome into this very important group and then the rest is easy! We will not bill you! You just mail it every month! Please consider doing this today!!!
It is going to take a village of believers to help fund the creation of this amazing planned community and if everyone pitches in we can all take pride in it and get it done quickly!
The time is now…….. It is time to create Vanguard Landing – “Where Exceptional People Will Live Extraordinary Lives!”

Warmest Regards, Debbie
Debra B. Dear
Founder/Executive Director