Spring is arriving at Vanguard Landing and with it comes the trees budding out and the daffodils blooming, the birds singing and the promise of new beginnings! This new “community within a community” will be a brand new beginning and will provide hope for so many families who have a family member with an intellectual disability!

Once you see what a day in the life is like for people living and working at one of our sister communities, it is a “no-brainer” for how wonderful of an option it is!! Take a look at some of the websites of them listed below and it will give you a glimpse of what life will be like at Vanguard Landing! Our “sister” communities across the country are all thriving and full with waiting lists so the sooner you get your family member on our Waiting List, the better the chance they will get in when they are ready!

It takes planning to provide for our exceptional children…simply waiting for a free anything will put your family member at risk. There is NO FREE anything coming!!! Our children with ID usually do not cost us high college tuition bills and expensive weddings. We have to remember when the government provided for people with intellectual disabilities in the past, they were attacked and abused and treated horribly in state institutions. Most of us would not even consider sacrificing our children’s safety just to get them somewhere for free. Fast forward to the world today and every parent I know wants their exceptional child to have a full life with as many opportunities as possible but with safety in mind.

Vanguard Landing will be the first of this new innovative and progressive type of planned community in this area…….the first set of Admissions Packets were mailed out a few days ago……it appears that we will be full before we open the doors so it is my best advice to any family that reads this to request a Letter of Intent quickly and get them started in the process!!

It’s almost time for our GIVE LOCAL 757 Fundraiser so please support this! The more money we raise, the faster we get built and the faster we are up and running, the faster we can build our Scholarship Endowment to help offer scholarships! It takes a village and it takes EVERYONE giving and helping to make this happen!!!!

Join us in this amazing adventure and be able to look at this soon and say you helped create a “Place Where Exceptional People Will Live Extraordinary Lives”!

Sister Communities Include:
The Baddour Center – www.baddour.org
Marbridge – www.marbridge.org
Lambs Farm – www.lambsfarm.org
New England Village – www.newenglandvillage.org