We hosted our first successful “Turn In Tuesday” on June 7th where future parents of Vanguard Landing were able to come by the farmhouse to turn in their completed Admissions Packets and enjoy a free turnover from our local partner, Sugar Plum Bakery! We have our next event scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st from 4-7PM, and it’s very important that our parents mark their calendars to come “Turn In and Turnover” with us to secure their child’s spot in our community!

At the turn-in event, please have your completed Admissions Packet all ready to turn in, with checks paper-clipped to the front, and all materials in the proper order. At our Tuesday turn-in event, simply come by the VGL farmhouse between 4-7PM with your packet ready to go, and receive a delicious pastry!

What you’ll need to turn in:

· Check payable to Vanguard Landing for the program to which you are applying: $500.00 (Day Program) or $1,000.00 (Residential Program)*

· Check payable to Vanguard Landing for $350.00 for Financial Assessment fee*

· Picture of potential participant

· Completed Checklist (for a complete checklist, click here.)

· Completed Packet of Admissions – including the financial fact finder

· All Supporting Documents

*Please paperclip (do not staple) both checks to the front of your packet.

A completed and accepted application does not require that your child must be ready to move in during the first round if they are still not old enough – however it is imperative that the applicant is approved and on the Approved Waiting List.

If you have questions regarding the application or any of the accompanying documents, please contact our Admissions Director – Laure Haddock at laure.haddock@vanguardlanding.org.