Vanguard Landing is continuing into 2018 with big goals regarding our Phase One Capital Campaign and our Guardian Angels program. As we prepare to break ground on the Vanguard Landing property, we want to let you know a few other key areas we are continually focusing on.

Adequately Educating the Public
We want to use our voice to educate the public as efficiently as possible. There is sometimes a misconception that we’re building an institution, and people are often confused as to how our vision impacts or is impacted by Medicaid and Medicaid Waivers. Often our critics are afraid to lose medical waiver clients, and we want to ensure our goals are clear.

Adequately Educating Parents
Finding the info you need to make the best decisions for your children can be difficult. Often information is hard to find on this often overlooked demographic, or what you do find can be incorrect. We want to provide education for parents on planning financially and legally in order to protect their adult children.

Fundraising Events
Our fundraisers are creative ways to bring in money, while also informing others about our mission. When you attend a Vanguard event, or share with others, you help get the word out! We hope these events stay with you, as you come in contact with adults who will benefit from Vanguard Landing and see the need firsthand.

If you would like more information on Vanguard, or on issues pertaining to the services we will provide, feel free to contact us today. We hope you’ll join us for one of our exciting fundraising events this year! If you don’t follow us on Facebook you can do that now, as it’s a great way to stay informed on our happenings!