Do you remember moving into your first apartment, and the excitement and the sense of accomplishment that came with it? You probably went to the thrift store and got the least expensive furniture and decorations you could, but you didn’t care because it was going into YOUR new home. How about buying your first house? Upgrading your furniture a bit, splurging for that fancy wall hanging. These moments are a rite of passage, moments that give us a sense of independence, something to take care of.

Do you have neighbors that are like family? The neighbors who stop in to check on you when things are crazy, or who you chat with in the evenings after a long day. There’s a sense of community that comes from living alongside others and understanding that you’re there for each other for the good days, and the challenging days.

The future residents of Vanguard Landing are individuals who want to experience those same feelings. People who love their families dearly, just like you and I, but who also want a place of their own among their peers. They’ll go to work each day, and make positive contributions to the world around them. They’ll make meals, and go out in the evenings with friends. They’ll decorate their spaces, and experience independence and community in a safe, secure environment.

Your support gets us closer to every day to our goal of creating a place where residents can experience community and independence without sacrificing feelings of comfort and safety. We hope you’ll consider Vanguard Landing as you consider your many year-end giving options. We know there are a lot of needs, and we appreciate every little bit!

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