Press Releases & Newsletters

November 2021 Newsletter

We are quickly approaching the end of 2021 which has been a record-breaking fundraising year for us!

As we prepare for closing on our Construction Loan, we would so appreciate your consideration to help us end this amazing year with a $25,000 End of Year Wrap Up!

Any amount you are able to donate matters!

October 2021 Newsletter

October starts my personal favorite season of the year!

Every season has fun things to do and celebrate but these next three months are the most fun-filled with the aromas of pumpkin spice candles and family gatherings to celebrate gratefulness and then December with Hanukkah and Christmas for honoring and celebrating the blessings in our lives.

September 2021 Newsletter

This month, the Klein family wanted to share some of their experience.

“Greg was diagnosed with autism in the May 2017
evaluation. When he was growing up, the signs of it had not presented themselves, at least not in a way that we, as his parents and others recognized.”

August 2021 Newsletter

I wanted to write and share what has been happening to our wonderful and much needed organization over the last three months in reference to the Virginia Beach city politics and attacks from WAVY 10 and the Va. Pilot. To put this into context, let me share with you first that we are in the final underwriting phase on our loan process with Virginia Housing for a large part of our Intentional Community!

July 2021 Newsletter

It’s never a dull moment over here at Vanguard Landing! Considering the July 2021 Newsletter recent attempts to harm our project (more can be share in the next Newsletter), we remain steadfast and focused on our mission. Attempts to take our beautiful land were not successful!