If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to want nothing but the best for your children, including a future where they are independent and thriving. The day they graduate college, find a job, and/or move out on their own is the day you can say “We did it! We got them to adulthood!” But for parents of intellectually disabled children this looks different. They too have dreams of independence for their children, coupled with the fear of what adulthood will look like, especially once they, the parents, are gone.

If you were to ask some of our future residents about their dreams for Vanguard Landing, you’d likely hear things like “to live with my friends” or “to have fun and go for walks on the trails.” If you ask their parents, the answers will be more along the lines of, “So my children have a safe and loving community where they’re understood and accepted for who they are.”

Individuals who want a fun and safe place to live will find that, and more at Vanguard. A place where they are seen, not stared at, where they are respected and given opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way to the world on a daily basis. We will provide peace of mind for parents who may not be able to provide the care their adult children need, especially once the child has aged out of the school system. Additionally, they will know their children will be cared for long after they themselves are gone.

We’re so encouraged every single time we see someone’s eyes light up because they “get” our vision. When others begin to understand how important our work is for future generations, we’re encouraged to fight harder!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and patience on this journey. From the local businesses who raise funds for us, to the individual who stood up and donated $100,000 at our Hearts & Hoofbeats event. It’s incredibly important, and it all gets us closer to groundbreaking.