Press Releases & Newsletters

September 2022 Newsletter

We had a very successful Golf Ball Drop! Thank you to all our supporters! Between golf ball purchases and donations , we raised over $10,000 for VGL! Thank you again to Delegate Barry Knight and our very own Doug Brown for flying in the helicopter to drop the balls! Thank you to Lance Gilbert for bush hogging the Target Drop Zone, to The Tipsy Squirrel for hosting the Arnold Palmer drinks in such a special way with help from the Bridges Family and Thank you Fuddruckers for the amazing cookies!

July 2022 Newsletter

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been working through the loan application process with Virginia Housing, and the city ofVirginia Beach on site plan approval with our architects/engineers, and of course fundraising to have our required portion of Cash Equity for the entire Construction and Development! This has been a rollercoaster of having to be flexible to ride the wave with this economy, too, but we are doing good!

June 2022 Newsletter

1) We just had another fun “Burgers for Benefits” night at the wonderful Fuddruckers – Virginia Beach – where 15% of their sales will be donated to us! From 5-8 pm! The flyer is below! They’re letting us do this event each month on the THIRD THURSDAY! So, we hope to see you on Thursday, July 21st! 2) We are also SUPER excited…

May 2022 Newsletter

We are over the moon excited over the success we had during our Give Local 757 event LAST Tuesday, May 10th. Withyour support, we have raised almost $67,000 for the cash equity to close on the loan and it’s still increasing as more people are mailing checks and continuing to donate. Thank you so much to all of YOU who donated and shared! Some fun stats to share:

April 2022 Newsletter

Our focus is on TWO Things: In addition to all of the other moving parts toward Construction and Development as they continue on simultaneously: 1) Having a VERY Successful Give Local 757 Event on May 10th! See details below! 2) Finishing our $500,000- $1,000,000 goal.

March 2022 Newsletter

VGL, Very Good Luck For Us This Year! We are channeling LOTS of GOOD LUCK! You can help! What’s Happening at VGL Currently, the VGL design team is updating our site plan, yet again, to comply with the City’s strict stormwater guidelines. Everyone, including the City, believed our plans were going to pass, BUT to be on the safest side possible, we are modifying slightly to allow for NO possibility of issues in our future. #Proactive

February 2022 Newsletter

VGL is being created with Love! LOVE for the persons who will Live, Work and Play here in our Intentional Community! LOVE for the amazing abilities this population has that are so often overlooked by the world. LOVE for the animals who will share this community. LOVE for making the world a more inclusive and better place.

January 2022 Newsletter

We are so GRATEFUL with the support we received from Donors during our Annual End of Year Effort, a Vanguard Vision Event held by the Woodard Family and two Capital Campaign lead gifts which enabled us to finish 2021 with OVER THREE TIMES what we budgeted for this time period!!! We also celebrated having the HIGHEST net profiting fundraisers in one year. Adding to our track record of continued growth from year to year.

December 2021 Newsletter

We are quickly approaching the end of 2021 which has been a record-breaking fundraising year for us!

We would so appreciate your consideration to help us end

this amazing year with a $25,000 Annual Fund/End of Year Wrap Up!

So far, we’ve raised $11,500!!

November 2021 Newsletter

We are quickly approaching the end of 2021 which has been a record-breaking fundraising year for us!

As we prepare for closing on our Construction Loan, we would so appreciate your consideration to help us end this amazing year with a $25,000 End of Year Wrap Up!

Any amount you are able to donate matters!

October 2021 Newsletter

October starts my personal favorite season of the year!

Every season has fun things to do and celebrate but these next three months are the most fun-filled with the aromas of pumpkin spice candles and family gatherings to celebrate gratefulness and then December with Hanukkah and Christmas for honoring and celebrating the blessings in our lives.

September 2021 Newsletter

This month, the Klein family wanted to share some of their experience.

“Greg was diagnosed with autism in the May 2017
evaluation. When he was growing up, the signs of it had not presented themselves, at least not in a way that we, as his parents and others recognized.”

August 2021 Newsletter

I wanted to write and share what has been happening to our wonderful and much needed organization over the last three months in reference to the Virginia Beach city politics and attacks from WAVY 10 and the Va. Pilot. To put this into context, let me share with you first that we are in the final underwriting phase on our loan process with Virginia Housing for a large part of our Intentional Community!

July 2021 Newsletter

It’s never a dull moment over here at Vanguard Landing! Considering the July 2021 Newsletter recent attempts to harm our project (more can be share in the next Newsletter), we remain steadfast and focused on our mission. Attempts to take our beautiful land were not successful!