As we get closer to breaking ground at Vanguard Landing, we can’t help but get excited about the daily happenings to come. One of the most exciting things about what we’re building is that we’ll be able to give an amazing group of people the opportunity to do very normal, every day tasks.

Follow us through a potential day in the life of a future Vanguard Landing resident!

Tom likes routine and sets his alarm to get up early even on weekends. On this particular day, he is anxious to get to the bakery. He knows he has a lot of cookies to bake with his co-workers, as they sold out of almost everything the day before. They are all good but the all chocolate with white chocolate chunks are this week’s best seller and are gone!

His one-bedroom row house is fixed exactly the way he likes it and is his self-proclaimed “bachelor pad”. He heads over to the café, and the chef knows his dietary needs to keep his weight to a healthy level. He loves omelets and loves the vegetarian with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. The bell peppers were grown on-site in the Van Garden High tunnels. After breakfast, he gets to the bakery and works with the team to make dough and start scooping cookies before the customers arrive. The manager reminds them that they have a large order being picked up at 1:00pm by a local realtor for his big Open House.

After all that scooping, Tom is ready to shoot some hoops with his friends at the Sportsplex in the neighborhood, so he goes and changes clothes and enjoys himself before dinner!

We’re so grateful for your continued support, and patience, as we work to make this lifestyle a reality for so many adults just like “Tom”!