Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for admission to the day or full residential program?

The Mission of Vanguard Landing is to provide residential, pre-vocational, employment and recreational opportunities for adults who have among all of their special gifts, an intellectual disability. An application packet for admission to either program will be submitted and the process will begin to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the program.

How many residents will the community accommodate?

The current plans have Vanguard landing at 185 full-time residents on campus and an additional 50 day employees who live off campus.

What are the age requirements for admission?

The minimum age is 18 or when they have graduated from high school and there are no maximum age limits. The intention is that our residents will stay with us as long as they wish and as long as we can meet their needs.

What is not included in the tuition?

Tuition covers everything including a private room, Semi-private bathroom, food, utilities, all on campus activities and programs, including pre-vocational programming, transportation. Residents must have their own insurance. Expenses Not included in tuition: medical co-pays, prescriptions, toiletries and clothing.

How are potential residents being placed on the waiting list?

We are currently accepting Letters of Intent to have potential candidates placed on the Waiting List to receive An Admissions Packet when they are ready to be sent out. To receive a Letter of Intent Packet, a request is made via the website link or by filling out the Contact Us form asking for one. It had forms to be completed and returned with a small deposit and there is a List of Items that will be needed for the Full Admissions Packet.

What if a resident is accepted for the full program and is not ready to move there at the time the position becomes available?

Each case will be determined on an individual basis but an example would perhaps be that the accepted candidate is not ready at the time a room becomes available, then the person would go back on the waiting list and the next person on the list is offered the room.

There were rumors at one time that families could purchase a cottage and reside with their children. Is this true?

No, this has never been the plan. A family can sponsor a 5 bedroom cottage, a one or two bedroom row house and name it in honor of someone or their family but they will not own the building.

Will there be any endowment funds established for future things?

Yes, we have several endowment funds planned…for maintenance and scholarships. We have one fund already established with funding started which is the Sue and Grover Dear Sr. Memorial Fund established for the Van Garden division.

What will be in place for an emergency evacuation? Where will residents go? Who will provide medications?

The Gathering Point, which is the large Multi-purpose Building complex will be built as a Shelter-in-place with Concrete pour walls and generators so that our residents and staff can gather there if necessary to avoid having to travel to a nearby school shelter.

Will arrangements be made for transporting residents to medical appointments if a guardian / family member are not available or no long living?

Yes. Vanguard Landing will provide transportation to appointments and off-site employment when needed.

What are housing arrangements? How many live in a cottage?

Vanguard Landing will offer at least three different living arrangements: five bedroom homes, and one bedroom and two bedroom one-story row houses.

Will there be mixed living arrangements or separate homes for male/female?

The homes will be single gender.

Is the idea for a campus –like community such as Vanguard Landing a proven success elsewhere in the country?

Our Founder & Executive Director researched for several years and identified many of these progressive, forward-thinking communities all across the United States. All of them are successful with waiting lists. We have a list of them available upon request, In addition, we have identified others that are developing such as Vanguard landing is.

Will Vanguard Landing accept persons who have a Virginia Medicaid Waiver or will residents be private tuition only?

Vanguard Landing will be a fully licensed provider accepting residents and day employees both with or without waiver. Vanguard Landing will bill monthly according to the plan the family sets up.