Buildings/Amenities Information

The Gathering Point – The main hub and support building for the community! It will have a Reception area, Game room, Library, Family Room, Clinic, Laundry Center, Classrooms, Computer Lab, Theatre, Conference room, Administrative Offices, Seaside Café Dining Hall.

Van Garden – Comprised of raised beds, high tunnels, greenhouses, walking paths, vertical gardens, garden rental plots, a Farm Market shop, orchards, flowers, vegetable gardens, and farming! We will grow food for our residents to eat and serve in our restaurants as well as sell to the community at our Van Garden Stand!

Equestrian Center – “There’s something very good about the outside of a horse for the inside of a human” – An indoor and outdoor riding/event center, barn and pastures will serve as employment, therapeutic and recreational opportunities for our residents!

Education & Enterprise Building – This vital center will house not only The Twice as Nice Consignment and Gift Shoppe, but also the Van Dough’s – bakery/sandwich and coffee shop, the Art Center, the Sir Noodle’s hangout for residents and More!

Sportsplex – Lifelong Fitness is the purpose of this multi-purpose building – walking, cardio, treadmills, basketball and volleyball, dance, Zumba, yoga, etc.

Bridlefield Manor at Vanguard – A full-service state of the art Special Events Center for rent to the public for weddings, gatherings, retirement celebrations, retreats, etc.! Double purpose – proves much-needed employment opportunities and income producing to help keep rent and fees down.

Perseverance– Aka The Founder Home where visiting parents and others can enjoy our very own quaint B&B run and staffed by our residents for some amazing hospitality in beautifully appointed rooms with private baths!

Lindsey Grace’s – Our own farm to table local restaurant featuring delicious food and offering employment and training opportunities for our residents! One feature will be Amazing “Adult” Milkshakes such as Peanut Butter Bailey’s Delight!

Artful Endeavors – We believe that Art is the great equalizer for persons with differing abilities and talents – music, theater, and all types of art and even crafts will be focused on here – displays, classrooms, performance places and lots of creative storage and areas to create will abound!

Our Cottages – mostly five bedroom coastal themed homes with private bedrooms and semi-private bathrooms. Common family room and efficiency kitchens. Everyone decorates their own rooms and the common living areas can be adopted by a group for a fun decorating project!

The Mews of Vanguard – our one bedroom rowhouses scattered throughout the neighborhood for those that like to have a little more quiet time at home!

Lighthouse Clock Tower – The center way-finding structure in the residential community area!