Case For Support

Our Mission Statement is to offer a safe, intentional, interactive and inclusive community where persons with intellectual and developmental differences can thrive and achieve their life’s full potential.

We are a person-centered community where the strengths, gifts and capabilities of our citizens are embraced, nurtured and celebrated.

“VGL will be the ultimate “Choices within the Choice” for people to have available!”

Douglas H Brown

Operations Director

The Commonwealth of Virginia has consistently ranked at the bottom of all 50 states in opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities. The fact that they were cited by the Department of Justice after parents complained, for spending too much on state institutions and not enough on other options in the local communities that they came from, contributed to this problem of being less at the forefront of new ideas. The non-profits located in the state helped with some options but still today, there is a severe lack of options in every facet of a full life.

Vanguard Landing, another non-profit organization will help to address that problem with the development of a comprehensive, sustainable Intentional Community in Virginia Beach that will provide a safe and innovative place for people with disabilities as well as those without.

Vanguard Landing will provide its residents and day participants numerous opportunities on site as well as off site to reach their greatest potential and achieve their personal goals in all areas of their lives including life skills, continuing education, job skill development, leisure time utilization, expressive arts, lifelong fitness, and community involvement.

Vanguard Landing will have onsite Enterprises such as Bridlefield Manor, our Special Events Center, Van Dough’s Bakery and Sandwich Shop; Van-Bloomingdeals Thrift Shoppe, Lindsey Grace’s Farmhouse Restaurant, The Van Garden Farm Market, and numerous partnerships with local businesses.