Naming & Sponsorship Opportunities

The Initial Campaign to Fund Vanguard LandingVGL concept front

Vanguard Landing will have numerous levels of Naming Opportunities and we are pleased to offer the following to initiate this effort. Below is an initial list with more opportunities forthcoming. If you have questions or would like to inquire about another one, please contact our Executive Director, Debra Dear via email- or via phone, 757.477.3580.

Donors can be prominently and appropriately recognized on the Vanguard Landing campus by sponsoring one or more of the following naming or sponsorship opportunities:


  • The Gathering Point Building – $5.5 Million
    This is the center “hub” of the campus with reception, theater, classrooms, offices, family room (TV), library room, clinic, laundry, cafeteria, meeting rooms, theater, etc. Each of the smaller components will also be Naming Opportunities
  • The Special Events Center – $2.5 Million
    A signature building at the front of the campus that will be used for celebrations, weddings and receptions, etc. There will be additional opportunities within this building as well as on the grounds (For example the Gazebo).
  • Sportsplex Building – $2.5 Million
  • Art Center – $2 Million
  • Equestrian Indoor Arena – $750,000
  • Ten Stall Horse Barn – $450,000
  • Five Bedroom Cottages – $300,000
  • VANTEEN – $200,000
    A retro soda shop for the residents
  • Two Bedroom Rowhouse – $95,000
  • One Bedroom Rowhouse – $75,000

Other Naming Opportunities Include:

  • Perseverance – a house where parents can reserve an overnight stay when in town
  • The VanGarden Endowment
  • Flag pole, flag and lights
  • Clock Tower
  • On-Site Work SPace
  • Entrance Gates
  • Pet Daycare Center
  • Recreation Areas – Miniature Golf, Indoor/Outdoor Pool
  • Benches & Sculptures
  • Outdoor Amphitheater on the back wall of the Art Center
  • Trees & Fountains in front lakes

The opportunities are endless and the need is GREAT!

We kindly request your consideration to help us create Vanguard Landing –

Where Exceptional People Will Live Extraordinary Lives!