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VGL Shout Out

2018 End Of Year Annual Appeal Results

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We would like to send out a HUGE Vanguard THANK YOU to the following supporters for their generous gifts during 2017 Our End of Year Appeal. The Grand Total raised was $13,100!

Lynn Carter
Elizabeth Rosenfeld
Barry Dorans
Brad Friedman
Thirty 3 Productions
The Fain Family Fund
Ed Tyng
Katherine Katsias
John and Anita Coates
Margaret Bond-Graham
Gus McPhie
Jennifer Schmidt
Genine Cooper
Walter Bordeaux
Karen Farquer
Tim and Katie Grencewicz
Tom and Marie Bond

We know that it is because of all of you who choose to support us financially throughout the year that our dream for a community is truly on the horizon.  Thank you to every one who has given of themselves in 2017 – and here’s to an amazing 2018!



Thank You to Our Amazing Donors

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We are absolutely in AWE of our amazing supporters, who joined forces this year to make GiveLocal757 a tremendous success. We initially had a goal of reaching $10,000 for the 2016 local fundraising event, but the Vanguard Landing “family” had their sights set even higher! We surpassed our goal and then some, earning a total of $17,809 this year. These donations bring us even closer to creating a special place where adults with intellectual disabilities can thrive, lead fulfilling lives and engage in enriching social and professional activities.


We simply could not do this without the support of our generous donors. We would like to thank the following list of individuals who chose to “give local” for Vanguard Landing this year:


NameIn Honor/Memoriam
Debra DearIn honor of Lindsey
Ronald KeimIn memory of Virginia Keim
Genine CooperHonor of Joshua Cooper
Jennifer Scott
Christin Grant
Dana Williamsonin honor of Caroline Williamson
Kevin McCabe
Robert Miller
Jonathan Reyes
Jo Ann DanielRoman Harshaw
Fred ManfredoniaKevin Manfredonia
Thomas Carty
Julie HarshawIn honor of Roman!
Vernon DanielRoman Harshaw
Sarah Shutt
Eileen McWeeneyKevin Manfredonia
Antonia ChristiansonMadison Day
Debbie DearIn honor of Whitney Dear
Carolyn Bruno
Donna Callaway
Michele Fredericks
Naseem Matteson
Marie BondLindsey Dear
Margaret Bond
Dianna SwensonLindsey Dear
Cynthia SpraberryJames Ward
Greg DanielRoman Harshaw
Cynthia Dear
Judy GermanIn honor of Lindsey Dear, my great-niece
Chelsea Courtney
Bryan AgnelloJenna Agnello
Kate Celeste
Dana Lamade
Douglas Dear
Kim Peele
Jordan Dear
Nikki Moriarty
Courtney Williams
Angela Smith
Debbie Nola Debbie Nolan
William HarshawFor Roman!
Dear Run Longhorns
Bryan Garner
Tom BondDebbie Dear
Virginia Thumm
Irene ConlinIn Honor of the families who will be served by this organization. Looking forward to happy futures at Vanguard Landing!
Stephanie Boone
Ashton DearLindsey Dear, my hero
Lynn Carter
Irene FoxChad Jackson
Rebecca SchultzIn honor of my new grandson Nixon Thomas Schultz
Julie Giarrana
Chad SchultzIn honor of my new nephew Nixon Thomas Schultz
Rachel Evener
Caitlyn Reeves
Caitlyn Reeves
Ann ConsolvoIn honor of Chad Schultz
Char James
Jon W. & Frances B. IrbyIn Memory of: George Wayne & Dorothy Marie Mathay-Richardson Irby
Barbara Fordto honor Barbara S. Ford
Nathalie Moss
John Helline FamilyEveyln Giarrana
anonymous anonymousanonymous
James Copeland
Dee McCabe
Amanda Coco
Josephine RosengrantJessica Rosengrant
Jane Frye
William HarshawHonor of Roman Harshaw
David Bond
Katherine Williams
Kimberly Moriarty
Kim Pucciani
Rebecca SchultzIn honor of our new grandson Nixon Thomas Schultz
Chad SchultzIn honor of my new nephew Nixon Thomas Schultz
Mary ElliotIn memory of my husband Thomas W Elliot
Justin Huffman
Robert Stanton
Yetta Roy
whitney dear reyes
Phyllis CoxJames Ward
Dana Williamson
Tom Kyewski
Seth Lamade
Mary K Grencewicz
Sarah Moser
Jonathan Covington
Nancy Harmon
Sharon Keefe
Leanne Schulhafer
Karen & Chuck Ridle
Shari Berger
Julie JacksonChad Jackson
Lori Bridges
Caitlyn Reeves
Mary GerloffCandy Hubbard
Mary GerloffCandy Hubbard
Sarah Cossell
Tom Kyewski
John Newton
Barbara WorshamKelly and Matthew Nolan
Rebecca SchultzIn honor of my grandson Nixon Thomas Schultz
Debra DearIn honor of future residents of Vanguard Landing
Chad SchultzIn honor of my new nephew Nixon Thomas Schultz
Mary ElliotIn memory of my husband Thomas W Elliot
Ghada Culler
Tommy and Darlene LaytonKelly and Matthew Nolan
Laure Haddock
Megan Poch
scott orr
Wendy and John Napolitano
Kate Rutecki
Billie Jo Hertel
Tim and Leigh Blum
Kelly Ogle
Cynthia Buckler
Melissa DeGroftNathan White
Chris Colquitt
Donna Cowan
Jonathan Reyes
Cynthia McCraw
Natalie Fergusson
Jennifer ClementJohn Richard DeBarr
Tara YoheIn Memory of Bruce Lewis
Cheryl SmithIn honor of my darling Madeline and all of the people I love whose lives will be made richer by this amazing place!
Julie Giarrana
Mary RamsayJohn Ramsay
Julie Summs
Jodi Newland
Carolyn HarshawIn Honor of Julie Harshaw
Teresa D'EliaRoman Harshaw
Colby Murphy
Regan Sanders
Melissa Horton
Mary HarmonNancy Douthitt
Natalie McDonaldIn memory of Susan McDonald
Sam HarmonIn honor of my mother, Mary Rosalyn Harmon
Kathleen Scott
Janet Zitt
Grover DearSue and Grover Dear
Windy Crutchfield
Sarah Davenport
Lori PainterHonor of Roman Harshaw
David CooperHonor of Joshua Cooper
Heather Bryan
Sharyn Manfredonia
A. Carolyne DearMy awesome mom
Allie Bal
Jeffy Yates
Ronald Keim
Brandon Michal
Julie HarshawFor Roman 🙂
Rae Ann Firoved
Tonya Jones
Rose Giarrana
Julia Grey Sweeney
Shannon Ashworth
Grey Perkins
Mary Whit HaycoxIn honor of Lindsey Dear

Shout Out from VGL: Chad Schultz

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IMG_2375Chad Schultz is a 26 year old young man with Down Syndrome who absolutely loves acting and singing and recently his dream came true when he was chosen to be Mr. Mayor in the Broadway production of Seussical performed with Arts Inclusion Company!  Chad works at Hardee’s 2 mornings a week and volunteers at Food Bank on Wednesdays.  Chad plays Special Olympics basketball and is learning to play tennis.  In spite of many medical challenges throughout Chad’s life, he is a very healthy young adult who has a hearty laugh and is very concerned for other people.

Chad talks about Vanguard Landing everyday, wears his VGL wrist band with pride, and when asked what about Vanguard Landing excites you, Chad said:  “I am SO EXCITED about having a house at VGL with my friends and watching it be built!!  I will have people to play basketball with and act and sing with and ride horses and work with other people I know!  I am excited to meet new people and I am glad there will be girls there!  I like to support Vanguard Landing because it is my dream and what God has planned for me in my heart.”  Chad Schultz

Read More

Shout Out from VGL – Seussical The Play

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SeussicalVanguard Landing would like to send a shout out to our friends in the cast of Seussical – a fun filled adventure that encompasses many of the well known stories created by Dr. Seuss. The Arts Inclusion Company is a group where people of all abilities are welcome to participate in all aspects of theatrical arts. An inclusive environment that offers mentors and workshops promotes confidence while teaching valuable skills such as creative expression and interpersonal skills.

The show will debut on April 18th at 7:00 pm with another showing on April 19th at 2:00 pm at the Norfolk Masonic Temple. Keep an eye on their website… the tickets are sure to sell out!

Shout Out From VGL: Hannah Blum

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Hannah BlumVanguard Landing would like to send out a special congratulations to one of our future participants, Hannah Blum. Hannah had her first shift at Harris Teeter (grocery store) in Northern Virginia on Monday, February 16th!! Hannah is excited to be working at Harris Teeter because she loves to talk to people, help others, and learn new things. Her main responsibilities are bagging right now, but Hannah is excited to gain a variety of skills that will help her succeed in other areas in the store. Hannah’s job at Harris Teeter will allow her to earn a paycheck, learn new job skills, and will help with becoming more independent!

Hannah returned her Letter of Intent in January and is excited to be a part of Vanguard Landing. Hannah is excited to make new friends and will love helping out at the doggy day care at Vanguard Landing. Hannah is also looking forward to being closer to the beach!Hannah at work-320x320