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Looking Forward to 2017 with Vanguard Landing

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2016 was an incredible year for the Vanguard Landing project and all that occurred propels us closer to the reality of being able to turn the first shovel and get this community “out of the ground!’

We hope that you will continue this amazing journey as we start 2017 off with lots of excitement!

Many of us start a new year off organizing, making resolutions and challenging ourselves to make a positive impact on our lives and the community we live in. If this sounds like YOU, then we challenge you to choose Vanguard Landing as one of your resolutions to do good and help us make this year one that will certainly make a difference in the lives of the amazing and deserving individuals who so desperately need and want what VGL has to offer!

Here are some ways you can help, but there are even more ways than on this list:

  • Commit to our cause to get the dirt moving and make it a regular part of your life. To immerse yourself into something greater than yourself can really reinvigorate you!


  • Help spread the word about Our Mission by sharing our Facebook messages and our website with friends and asking them to take a look and engage them in a conversation about getting them involved whether its inviting them to an event or introducing them to us to be a part of the Construction/Development process. How the other communities we are modeled after have been successful is that the community businesses and individuals have literally “wrapped their arms” around the project to get it going! Remember, once we are fully built, we are self-sustaining for the most part!


  • It costs lots of money to develop raw land and start site work and put in utilities and if we had to pay full price for all of these things, we would never be able to afford to start or finish construction and keep our doors open. The ONLY way is for the contractors to discount their materials and labor and others give money and time to help and then the non-profit is not left with huge debt service. The goal is to serve our residents and day program participants and sustain ourselves and we just need help to get that started!


  • Sign up to volunteer for an event or a work party or talk to a group that you are involved with to get their support to give to Vanguard in their budgets. Whether its Sugar Plum Bakery holding a month of cookie sales to support us to a service organization sharing their fundraising profits with us, it all adds up!


  • The NEXT Event we are holding on May 5th – 6th to raise funds is called OVER THE EDGE and we are going to be hosting 92 Rappel spots to go OVER the Top of the beautiful Holiday Inn Oceanside on the Boardwalk of Virginia Beach!  Sign up today to grab a spot and start your fundraising page, form a company corporate team or inquire about a Sponsorship opportunity.


  • Later that same week we will be once again be participating in the awesome GIVE Local 757 Online Event! Thanks to our Donors we have increased the profits from that in a HUGE way over the last several years.


  • Watch for news of our Hearts & Hoofbeats being held this coming Fall.


We are hoping to BREAK GROUND THIS YEAR!

This Year, We are Thankful for YOU

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The holiday season is upon us, and as another year draws to a close, we are reminded again of how very grateful we are for the continued support we receive from our local community: Families, parents, educators, local businesses and organizations, politicians, local influencers, law enforcement and first responders, radio stations and so many others… We are forever grateful for these groups and individuals who share our vision to create this residential community for adults with disabilities. We would not have been able to raise $36,000 in our recent Mustang Raffle fundraiser or host a successful gala event with Trent Harmon providing the music and so many local businesses providing the food and entertainment for our 3rd annual Hearts and Hoofbeats. If you missed out on this event, no hard feelings and we hope to see you next year! Here are some beautiful photos that were taken by David O’Dell at this year’s Hearts & Hoofbeats:


The traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” has been widely quoted in many instances, and we believe it is true here as well. For a community such as Vanguard Landing to flourish and provide alternative opportunities for a fulfilled life for adults with intellectual disabilities, the community has to understand the pressing need for it in the first place. The community must wrap its arms around these individuals and see the importance and value of creating avenues for choice rather than limiting the options that are available to this population and their families.

The reality is that too many of our family members and friends with intellectual disabilities have little to no choice in residential and employment opportunities. The current options are scarce, require that the person have a Medicaid waiver, and are not appropriate for their individual needs. Vanguard Landing was created to provide another option for persons and their families to choose from.  One size does not fit all and everyone wants the chance to live a fulfilling life and some just need a little extra support to achieve this. Furthermore, the families of people with intellectual disabilities must cope with the fear and uncertainty of who will care for or provide support for their loved one after they are gone.

The founders of Vanguard Landing want to help  in meeting the needs of our fellow citizens with needs for support due to their intellectual and developmental disability.  Vanguard Landing is going to follow in the footsteps of all of the progressive intentional communities around the country in offering another choice for our fellow citizens.  Everyone has the right to choose from a variety of settings in which  to live and work and Vanguard Landing will be another option for families to choose.

We thank every single one of our supporters, volunteers, sponsors, and donors – large or small. Thank you to everyone who follows us on Facebook, subscribes to our newsletter, attends our events, and volunteers their time and energy toward this special cause. You are what we are thankful for, today and every day!

A BIG Surprise Outcome for our Mustang Raffle!

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Last Saturday, we held our 3rd Annual Hearts & Hoofbeats fundraiser event, and came together as a community to show our support for the creation of our residential community for individuals with intellectual disabilities. There was much anticipation throughout the crowd for one particular event of the evening — the drawing to see who would win the 2017 Ford Mustang, courtesy of Beach Ford. Our winner was selected at random but they were not in attendance for the event to accept their official acknowledgment of their prize.

After a few days of communicating back and forth, we are incredibly excited to announce that the winner of the 2017 Ford Mustang, Spencer S. has donated the car back to Vanguard Landing to be sold! Spencer said that while they were excited to win the car, they really entered the raffle to support Vanguard Landing as a future residence for their nephew. Beach Ford has agreed to help with selling the car, so 100% of the proceeds from the raffle are now directly benefiting Vanguard Landing. The car is now available for sale through Beach Ford in Virginia Beach.

Thank you so much to all who were involved, to Spencer and Beach Ford and Tom Barton for making the raffle and our third Hearts & Hoofbeats fundraiser a huge success. We sold all but three of our 400 Mustang Raffle tickets, raising $36,000 in raffle ticket sales leading up to the event! The dream of providing a community for those with intellectual and development differences is another step closer to fruition! We couldn’t do it without you.


Our Hearts are Beating for “Hearts & Hoofbeats” 2016!

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We are firm believers in the saying: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” And when it comes to a grassroots organization such as Vanguard Landing, it is absolutely true! We are so grateful for our community supporters and sponsors who have stood side by side with us to make giant leaps and bounds toward breaking ground on the future residential community for adults with intellectual disabilities.

We are committed in our mission to give these individuals another choice for where they want to live, work and recreate, and our efforts are bolstered by those in our community and from afar who contribute to support the cause. We have had supporters in the form of parents, local politicians, local businesses and other non-profit organizations, educators, business owners near and far, and simply those who have a special place in their hearts for the pressing need for better alternatives for this population.  We have said it once before and we’ll say it again: Vanguard Landing would not be possible without the community around us coming together to support this vision. Watch our Executive Director Debbie Dear talk about this exact issue in this short video:


Just this week, we were able to partner with a local favorite restaurant, ShoreBreak, to take part in a fundraiser event for Vanguard Landing. We raised $621.84 at this fundraiser event, sold a few tickets to our upcoming events, and were able to spread awareness on what Vanguard Landing is all about. Thanks ShoreBreak for hosting us!


We are now a little over a week away from our much-anticipated 3rd Annual Hearts & Hoofbeats event on October 22nd, and we are so excited to host everyone at the property for this year’s event!

There’s a little something for everyone at this year’s Hearts & Hoofbeats event. Whether you can’t wait to jam to the sweet vocals of Trent Harmon, enjoy delectable food by Sweetwater Cuisine, test your luck at fun casino games with Astro Entertainment, or simply mingle with new and old friends, we can’t wait to see you there! Tickets are still available here, but not for long. You do not want to miss out on this night of festivities and fundraising for Vanguard Landing!

PLUS we will be announcing the lucky winner of our 2017 Mustang Raffle during the evening on Oct. 22nd. It could be you! We still have just over 100 tickets up for grabs to win this beautiful car. Remember – we are only selling 400 tickets, meaning you have a 1 in 400 chance to win! You can even increase your odds by purchasing more tickets!

No matter what brings you to the farmhouse for Hearts & Hoofbeats this year, we can promise you’ll have a great time.


Two Special Events and One Red Hot Raffle!

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Summer is in full swing and we are as busy as the bees buzzing around the Vanguard Landing property, planning our next few months of events and activities!

We have two VERY special events coming up on the horizon, plus one HUGE raffle offer, and we want to be sure everyone marks their calendars:


  • HEARTS & HOOFBEATSour 3rd Annual Fundraiser OCTOBER 22nd, 2016 from 6-10pm. We will be coming HOME to the farm for our most talked about and beloved fundraiser of the entire year!

There are so many exciting things planned for this year’s Hearts and Hoofbeats event, but the biggest announcement is that we are going to be holding a raffle for a 2017 Ford Mustang thanks to our friends at Beach Ford! Only 400 tickets will be sold, meaning you have an incredible chance to win this beautiful car! The winner will be drawn at the Hearts and Hoofbeats event, October 22nd.


Tickets are on sale now for Hearts & Hoofbeats as well as the Mustang Raffle. Don’t miss out on these great events! Ticket prices will increase as the event gets closer.


  • 1st Annual VANGUARD ASSEMBLY  on Thursday, August 11th from 4-6PM, will feature local representatives and candidates as well as food trucks and musical performances. This event is FREE and a rare opportunity to hear and be heard by your local politicians.

Calling All Parents: It’s Time to Turn In Your Admissions Packets!

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We hosted our first successful “Turn In Tuesday” on June 7th where future parents of Vanguard Landing were able to come by the farmhouse to turn in their completed Admissions Packets and enjoy a free turnover from our local partner, Sugar Plum Bakery! We have our next event scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st from 4-7PM, and it’s very important that our parents mark their calendars to come “Turn In and Turnover” with us to secure their child’s spot in our community!

At the turn-in event, please have your completed Admissions Packet all ready to turn in, with checks paper-clipped to the front, and all materials in the proper order. At our Tuesday turn-in event, simply come by the VGL farmhouse between 4-7PM with your packet ready to go, and receive a delicious pastry!

What you’ll need to turn in:

·      Check payable to Vanguard Landing for the program to which you are applying: $500.00 (Day Program) or $1,000.00 (Residential Program)*

·      Check payable to Vanguard Landing for $350.00 for Financial Assessment fee*

·      Picture of potential participant

·      Completed Checklist (for a complete checklist, click here.)

·      Completed Packet of Admissions – including the financial fact finder

·      All Supporting Documents

*Please paperclip (do not staple) both checks to the front of your packet.

A completed and accepted application does not require that your child must be ready to move in during the first round if they are still not old enough – however it is imperative that the applicant is approved and on the Approved Waiting List.

If you have questions regarding the application or any of the accompanying documents, please contact our Admissions Director – Laure Haddock at laure.haddock@vanguardlanding.org.

turn in turn over VL

Thank You to Our Amazing Donors

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We are absolutely in AWE of our amazing supporters, who joined forces this year to make GiveLocal757 a tremendous success. We initially had a goal of reaching $10,000 for the 2016 local fundraising event, but the Vanguard Landing “family” had their sights set even higher! We surpassed our goal and then some, earning a total of $17,809 this year. These donations bring us even closer to creating a special place where adults with intellectual disabilities can thrive, lead fulfilling lives and engage in enriching social and professional activities.


We simply could not do this without the support of our generous donors. We would like to thank the following list of individuals who chose to “give local” for Vanguard Landing this year:


NameIn Honor/Memoriam
Debra DearIn honor of Lindsey
Ronald KeimIn memory of Virginia Keim
Genine CooperHonor of Joshua Cooper
Jennifer Scott
Christin Grant
Dana Williamsonin honor of Caroline Williamson
Kevin McCabe
Robert Miller
Jonathan Reyes
Jo Ann DanielRoman Harshaw
Fred ManfredoniaKevin Manfredonia
Thomas Carty
Julie HarshawIn honor of Roman!
Vernon DanielRoman Harshaw
Sarah Shutt
Eileen McWeeneyKevin Manfredonia
Antonia ChristiansonMadison Day
Debbie DearIn honor of Whitney Dear
Carolyn Bruno
Donna Callaway
Michele Fredericks
Naseem Matteson
Marie BondLindsey Dear
Margaret Bond
Dianna SwensonLindsey Dear
Cynthia SpraberryJames Ward
Greg DanielRoman Harshaw
Cynthia Dear
Judy GermanIn honor of Lindsey Dear, my great-niece
Chelsea Courtney
Bryan AgnelloJenna Agnello
Kate Celeste
Dana Lamade
Douglas Dear
Kim Peele
Jordan Dear
Nikki Moriarty
Courtney Williams
Angela Smith
Debbie Nola Debbie Nolan
William HarshawFor Roman!
Dear Run Longhorns
Bryan Garner
Tom BondDebbie Dear
Virginia Thumm
Irene ConlinIn Honor of the families who will be served by this organization. Looking forward to happy futures at Vanguard Landing!
Stephanie Boone
Ashton DearLindsey Dear, my hero
Lynn Carter
Irene FoxChad Jackson
Rebecca SchultzIn honor of my new grandson Nixon Thomas Schultz
Julie Giarrana
Chad SchultzIn honor of my new nephew Nixon Thomas Schultz
Rachel Evener
Caitlyn Reeves
Caitlyn Reeves
Ann ConsolvoIn honor of Chad Schultz
Char James
Jon W. & Frances B. IrbyIn Memory of: George Wayne & Dorothy Marie Mathay-Richardson Irby
Barbara Fordto honor Barbara S. Ford
Nathalie Moss
John Helline FamilyEveyln Giarrana
anonymous anonymousanonymous
James Copeland
Dee McCabe
Amanda Coco
Josephine RosengrantJessica Rosengrant
Jane Frye
William HarshawHonor of Roman Harshaw
David Bond
Katherine Williams
Kimberly Moriarty
Kim Pucciani
Rebecca SchultzIn honor of our new grandson Nixon Thomas Schultz
Chad SchultzIn honor of my new nephew Nixon Thomas Schultz
Mary ElliotIn memory of my husband Thomas W Elliot
Justin Huffman
Robert Stanton
Yetta Roy
whitney dear reyes
Phyllis CoxJames Ward
Dana Williamson
Tom Kyewski
Seth Lamade
Mary K Grencewicz
Sarah Moser
Jonathan Covington
Nancy Harmon
Sharon Keefe
Leanne Schulhafer
Karen & Chuck Ridle
Shari Berger
Julie JacksonChad Jackson
Lori Bridges
Caitlyn Reeves
Mary GerloffCandy Hubbard
Mary GerloffCandy Hubbard
Sarah Cossell
Tom Kyewski
John Newton
Barbara WorshamKelly and Matthew Nolan
Rebecca SchultzIn honor of my grandson Nixon Thomas Schultz
Debra DearIn honor of future residents of Vanguard Landing
Chad SchultzIn honor of my new nephew Nixon Thomas Schultz
Mary ElliotIn memory of my husband Thomas W Elliot
Ghada Culler
Tommy and Darlene LaytonKelly and Matthew Nolan
Laure Haddock
Megan Poch
scott orr
Wendy and John Napolitano
Kate Rutecki
Billie Jo Hertel
Tim and Leigh Blum
Kelly Ogle
Cynthia Buckler
Melissa DeGroftNathan White
Chris Colquitt
Donna Cowan
Jonathan Reyes
Cynthia McCraw
Natalie Fergusson
Jennifer ClementJohn Richard DeBarr
Tara YoheIn Memory of Bruce Lewis
Cheryl SmithIn honor of my darling Madeline and all of the people I love whose lives will be made richer by this amazing place!
Julie Giarrana
Mary RamsayJohn Ramsay
Julie Summs
Jodi Newland
Carolyn HarshawIn Honor of Julie Harshaw
Teresa D'EliaRoman Harshaw
Colby Murphy
Regan Sanders
Melissa Horton
Mary HarmonNancy Douthitt
Natalie McDonaldIn memory of Susan McDonald
Sam HarmonIn honor of my mother, Mary Rosalyn Harmon
Kathleen Scott
Janet Zitt
Grover DearSue and Grover Dear
Windy Crutchfield
Sarah Davenport
Lori PainterHonor of Roman Harshaw
David CooperHonor of Joshua Cooper
Heather Bryan
Sharyn Manfredonia
A. Carolyne DearMy awesome mom
Allie Bal
Jeffy Yates
Ronald Keim
Brandon Michal
Julie HarshawFor Roman 🙂
Rae Ann Firoved
Tonya Jones
Rose Giarrana
Julia Grey Sweeney
Shannon Ashworth
Grey Perkins
Mary Whit HaycoxIn honor of Lindsey Dear

Learn More about Vanguard Landing at One of our Three Open Houses this Month!

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2016 has certainly started off on a positive note! We’ve already received quite a few completed application packets and we have yet to even break ground! We understand that many other interested parents likely have it on their minds to apply, but may have questions about Vanguard Landing and the programs that will soon be available to their children. As we continue to work hard toward preparations for breaking ground on our community, we want to be sure all of our families have an opportunity to have their questions answered and their voices heard.

If you have already started working on your application, have recently submitted one, or are weighing your options for your child’s future, please join us for an informative “pow wow” open house session! We will be hosting a casual, conversation-style gathering (as opposed to a formal presentation) and we want to get to meet you! These sessions will give our prospective families a chance to ask any questions they may have about our community and the opportunities we will provide to these young adults.
This event is not just for families who are ready to apply now. Are you a parent of a child who is still currently in the public school system, and are planning ahead for their future?  Do you have a friend or relative out of the area who may be interested in our community, and you want to share the message with them? Or are you simply curious about this new organization, and want to become more knowledgeable about our story to share it with others? Please join us! These are open events that will each last two hours, but you are welcome to come when it is most convenient throughout that time frame.

All events will be held at the Vanguard Landing farmhouse, located at 2020 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, VA near the Red Mill area. Our three February open house events are as follows:
– Tues Feb. 9 6-8pm
– Sat Feb. 13 12-2pm
– Tues Feb. 16 6-8pm

Our Logo Shop will be open during each of these events for purchase of gifts and merchandise that directly benefit our mission!

If you’re interested in coming out to meet our team and get a better idea of the kind of experience Vanguard Landing will provide your son, daughter or loved one, be sure to join us! E-mail ddear@vanguardlanding.org  or RSVP at the Facebook event to let us know you’re able to attend.

Bonfire & S’mores Event

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bonfire-320x320Vanguard Landing would like to thank all of our friends and their families for coming out to the Bonfire and S’mores event held on April 2nd!  It was a blast having everyone out here.  We enjoyed playing corn hole, basketball, making s’mores, enjoying the bonfire, and most importantly, meeting and making new friends!  Vanguard Landing would also like to send out a special thanks to our friends from The Fruitful Bean Coffee Co.  They were so amazing and we enjoyed all the hot drinks that they provided! Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for our next event – bowling!