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Tributes & Memorials of 2013 & 2014

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Tribute-Tree-300x300Donations have been made to Vanguard Landing to honor and remember friends and loved ones. These tributes and memorials are considered a very special gift to Vanguard Landing. Listed below are the names of those individuals who have been honored or remembered with a gift received in 2013 or 2014.







In Honor Of:

Jennifer Clement
Lindsey Dear
Dr. Sue & Grover Dear Memorial Fund
Ron Jackson
Evelyn Kiebort
Kimberly Kiebort
Bill Lawson Family
James Ward

In Memory Of:

Jack Barrett
Bea Cox
John R. DeBarr
Aulikki Erolla
Freda Hannah
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hesch
Helen Hulak
George Wayne Irby
Joshua Stephen Leitner
Mildred E. Marmura
Larry Mayes
Michael Mercatoris
Neal Nelson
Alexis Reass
Rachael Sancilio
Emily Sturrock

Donor Salute – 2014

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With-Gratitude-300x300Vanguard Landing is so grateful for the support we have received from our VGL Family! Listed below are the names of those especially generous individuals, foundations and corporations whose donations were received in 2014.






$10,000 & Above

Mrs. Mary Lee Harris

$5,000 to $9,999

Floyd E. Kellam Jr. Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
The Galliford-Mulard Foundation

$2,500 to $4,999

AMERIGROUP Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Grencewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Ramsay
Ms. Agatha Shen
Ms. Angela K. Smith
Virginia Extreme Force, Inc.

$1,000 to $2,499

Mr. Thomas C. Broyles
Mr. & Mrs. Hap Chalmers
Dominion Foundation
Mrs. Laure Haddock
Dr. & Mrs. John McCraw
Mr. Bob Miller
Mr. & Mrs. David Hesch*
Monarch Charities
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wheaton

$0 to $999

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Altman
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Ashby
Mrs. Elizabeth Atkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Berkowitz
Mr. Robert Boseman
Mr. & Mrs. John Bolton
Ms. Irene Bowor
Mrs. Joan Brennan
Mrs. Jean Bruce
Mr. & Mrs. James Burke
Mr. & Mrs. James Burritt
Mr. Robert Caplan
Mrs. Lynn Carter
Ms. Audray Clement
Mr. Andrew Corcoran
Ms. Cecelia Daley
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Davis
Mrs. Jenny Eckhardt
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Finn
Mrs. Michele Fredericks
Mr. & Mrs. F. Dudley Fulton
Mrs. Karol Gaydas
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hartman
Mrs. Mary Whitley C. Haycox
Mr. Clyde Hemp
Mr. & Mrs. Russel E. Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Iliff

Mr. Ray Jones
Mrs. Marty Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kiebort
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kline
Ms. Terri Leitner
Mrs. Mary Long
Mrs. Louise Lippert
Mr. Angus McPhie
Mr. Robert S. Miller III
Mr. John Morozin
Mr. William B. Moffatt
Dr. Ricardo Moscoso & Dr. Jacqueline Salcedo
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Proto
Mrs. Madelyn Reass
Mrs. Janine Phillips
Mr. Jonathan R. Reyes
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rice
Ms. Cynthia Rockwell
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Smith
Mr. Shaun Thibodeau
Ms. Pamela West
Mr. William Westendorf
Mrs. Nell Williams
Mrs. Dana Williamson
Ms. Brittany Willis
Ms. Nelle Wheat
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Witt


Shop with Amazon Smile & Help VGL!

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amazonsmileWe have all shopped on Amazon.com at one time or another… for some of us, we frequent the site more than we’re willing to admit! Why not shop AND contribute to your favorite non-profit organization?!

By shopping on Amazon Smile, a portion of your sales can benefit Vanguard Landing! Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Smile.Amazon.com and sign in using your Amazon account’s username and password
  2. On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you will have an opportunity to select the charity to receive donations from eligible purchases. AmazonSmile will remember your selection for every visit to shop!
  3. There are no extra costs to the customer when shopping with AmazonSmile… The Amazon Smile Foundation makes the donation based on a percentage of your purchase!

For more information on program details, visit the AmazonSmile programs page or begin shopping today at Smile.Amazon.com and support Vanguard Landing’s mission to provide a safe, progressive and self-sustaining community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

Shop with IGive & Help VGL!

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igiveA wonderful organization known as IGive.com provides an opportunity to shop at over 1,500 stores online AND contribute to a cause of your choice at no extra cost!

By shopping through IGive.com, a portion of your sales can benefit Vanguard Landing!

Follow these steps to shop:

1) Go to www.igive.com and set up your account by completing the basic form of information.

2) Choose your charity! It is easiest to search for your cause, type “Vanguard Landing”, and then select it!

3) Then you’ll be prompted to install the IGive button onto your internet browser.

4) Now, anytime you’re shopping online, the “IGive More” button will appear in the bottom left hand corner of an online store that is partnered with IGive. You will even have access to special coupons provided only to IGive shoppers!

There is also an IGive app for Ipads or Tablets for convenient online shopping that donates to Vanguard Landing.

We all shop online… so why not shop and give to your favorite charity!!