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Exceptional People

People First Language at Vanguard Landing

By | Exceptional People, Newsletter

600_bpyanddogVanguard Landing is dedicated to treating each resident and participant with the respect that they deserve.  Each individual that participates in programs at Vanguard Landing brings a variety of unique skills, talents, and personality to the community.  Vanguard Landing stands by the philosophy that all individuals, regardless of their individual needs, are equal and should be viewed as so.  One way that Vanguard Landing accomplishes this is through adopting and living by People First Language.  This form of communication is a way to reflect our respect for individuals with disabilities by choosing words that describe them accurately.  People First Language emphasizes on the individual first, not the disability.  For example, instead of saying “handicapped or disabled child”, with People First Language we would say “a child with a disability”.  Another common example is instead of labeling an individual as “autistic”, we would say “a child with autism”. People First Language is a wonderful form of communication to start practicing so that not only do all individuals receive the respect they deserve, but this communication trend will be used by family and friends as well!

Shout Out from VGL – Seussical The Play

By | Exceptional People, Newsletter, VGL Shout Out

SeussicalVanguard Landing would like to send a shout out to our friends in the cast of Seussical – a fun filled adventure that encompasses many of the well known stories created by Dr. Seuss. The Arts Inclusion Company is a group where people of all abilities are welcome to participate in all aspects of theatrical arts. An inclusive environment that offers mentors and workshops promotes confidence while teaching valuable skills such as creative expression and interpersonal skills.

The show will debut on April 18th at 7:00 pm with another showing on April 19th at 2:00 pm at the Norfolk Masonic Temple. Keep an eye on their website… the tickets are sure to sell out!